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Welcome to AskVenkat Books. Download Books For Free in Pdf Format. We collected most of the books which are useful to most of the Students and Professionals. Here we are providing Various Engineering Books, MBA, BBA, GATE and other Exams Books. These books are also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams.

University Wise Books Download

In this section, we are providing Books based on Universities. We combined most of the University books in a single place with easy navigation. These links are mainly useful to students who are doing Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in top universities.

JNTU University Books Download

Checkout the JNTU University Books for Engineering Students. Especially for students who were eagerly waiting to get the best books.

JNTU Hyderabad Books

JNTUH Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Books

JNTUH Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Books

JNTUH Civil Engineering (CE) Books

JNTUH Mechanical Engineering (ME) Books

JNTUH Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Books

JNTUH Information Technology Books

JNTUH Aeronautical Engineering Books

JNTU Kakinada Books

JNTUK Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Books

JNTUK Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Books

JNTUK Civil Engineering (CE) Books

JNTUK Information Technology Books

JNTUK Mechanical Engineering(ME) Books

JNTUK Computer Science Engineering Books

JNTUK Aeronautical Engineering Books

JNTU Anantapur Books

JNTUA Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Books

JNTUA Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Books

JNTUA Civil Engineering (CE) Books

JNTUA Information Technology Books

JNTUA Mechanical Engineering(ME) Books

JNTUA Computer Science Engineering Books

JNTUA Aeronautical Engineering Books

ANNA University Books Download

Check out the Anna University Books, Syllabus, Notes and Materials for free Download.

Anna University Electronics and Communication Engineering Books

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Anna University Books

Anna University Computer Science Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Anna University Books

Anna University Civil Engineering Books

Subject Wise Books Download List

In this section, we are providing Engineering books list for free in pdf format. Also Checkout the important books links to download the books and notes.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Books

In this section, we are providing Engineering Books, especially useful for ECE Students.

Analog Circuits Books

Analog Communications Books List.

Antennas and Wave Propagation Books.

Communication Systems Books.

Computer Networks Books.

Control Systems Books.

Digital Electronics Books.

Digital Signal Processing ECE Books.

Electronic Circuits and Analog Integrated Circuits.

Electronic Devices Books.

Embedded Systems Books.

Microprocessors and Micro Controllers Books.

Network Analysis Books.

Optical Communications Books List.

Probability and Stochastic Processes Books List.

Pulse and Digital Circuits (PDC) Books List.

Satellite Communications Books.

Signals and Systems Books.

Switching Theory and Logic Design (STLD) Books.

Information Theory and Coding Books

Transmission Lines and Networks Books.

Spread Spectrum Communications Books

Artificial Intelligence Books

Civil Engineering Books

In this section, we are providing Engineering Books, especially useful for Civil Engineering Students.

Air Pollution Books.

Building Planning and Drawing Books.

Building Materials and Construction Books.

Bridge Engineering Books.

Concrete Technology Books.

Design and Drawing of Concrete Structure Books.

Construction Material and Management Books.

Design and Drawing of Irrigation Structures Books.

Design and Drawing of Steel Structure Books.

Earth Quake Resistance Books.

Engineering Geology Books.

Environmental Engineering Books.

Fluid Mechanics Textbook.

Geo-Technical Engineering -1 Book

Geo-Technical Engineering -2 Books.

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery books.

Machines of Materials Textbook.

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Books.

Remote Sensing and GIS Application Books.

The strength of Materials Books.

Structural Analysis -1 Book.

Structural Analysis -2 Books.

Surveying Textbooks.

Transport Engineering – 2 Books.

Transport Engineering -1 Books.

Water and Waste Water Engineering Books.

Water Resource Engineering -2 Books.

Mechanical Engineering Books

CAD/CAM Textbooks.

Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing Practice Textbooks.

Control Systems Books.

Design of Machine Members – 2 Textbooks.

Design of Machine Members -1 Textbook.

Dynamics of Machinery Textbooks.

Engineering Mechanics Books.

Finite Element Methods Textbook.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Books.

Heat Transfer Books.

Industrial Engineering and Management Textbooks.

Instrumentation and Control System Textbooks.

Kinematics of Machinery Textbooks.

Machine Drawing Textbooks.

Mat Lab Textbooks.

Mechanics of Solid Textbooks.

MEFA Textbooks.

Metal and Material Science Textbooks.

Metal Cutting and Machine Tools Textbooks.

Operations Research Textbooks.

Production Technology Textbooks.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbooks.

Robotics Textbooks.

Thermo Dynamics Textbooks.

Computer Science Engineering Books.

Cryptography and Network Security Books

Artificial Intelligence Books

Compiler Design

Computer Graphics

Computer Networks

Computer System Architecture

Data Structures

Database Management Systems

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Digital Electronics

Discrete Mathematical Structures

Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

Object-Oriented Programming using C++/Java/Python

Operating Systems

Probability Statistics and Numerical Techniques

Software Engineering

System Software

Theory of Computation

MBA Books List

In this section, we are providing the MBA Books for Free Download. These books are mainly useful for MBA, BBA Students. These books are also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams.

Accounting for Managers MBA Books.

Advertising and Sales Promotions.

Business Environment MBA Books.

Business Law Pdf MBA Books.

Computer Applications in Management Books.

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance MBA Books.

Corporate Finance Books.

Business Research Methods Books.

Corporate Information Management Books.

Business Legislation Books.

Customer Relationship Management Books.

DataBase Management Systems Books.

Business Communication Books.

Decision Support Systems Books.

E-Business Books.

Enterprise Resource Planning Books.

Financial Institutions, Markets, and Services Books.

Entrepreneurship Development Books.

Financial Derivatives MBA Books.

Financial Management Books.

Global Human Resource Management Books.

Human Resource Management MBA Books.

Human Resource Planning MBA Books.

Industrial and Labour Relations Books.

International Financial Management MBA Books.

Management and Organizational Behaviour MBA Books.

International Marketing books.

Management Accounting and Control MBA Books.

Management Information Systems Books.

Managerial Communication Books.

Managerial Economics Books.

Marketing Management Books.

Multinational Financial Management Books.

Operations Research Books.

Organisational Change Books.

Organization Development MBA Books.

Principles of Management MBA books.

Product and Brand Management Books.

Production and Operations Management MBA Books.

Purchasing and Materials Management Books.

Research Methodology Books.

Retailing Management Books.

Reward Management MBA Books.

Risk Management and Insurance Books.

Rural and Agriculture Management Books.

Security Analysis and Investment Management Books.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management MBA Books.

Services Marketing Books.

Statistics for Management Books.

Strategic Management MBA Books.

Technology Management MBA Books.

These are important books for Engineering and MBA Students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.