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Satellite Communications Pdf Book Free Download is one of the important Subject for Electronics and Communications Engineering Students. This Textbook is Especially prepared for Anna University, Andhra University, JNTU, JntuA, JntuK and JntuH University Students. Satellite Communications Pdf Textbook is also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams.

About Satellite Communications Book

Satellite communications are the utilization of satellite innovation in the field of communications. The administrations gave by satellite communications are voice and video calling, web, fax, TV and radio stations.

Satellite communications can give correspondence capacities spreading over long separations and can work under conditions or conditions which are inoperable for different types of correspondence. Satellite Communications Pdf Ebook Free Download.

Components of satellite communications:

Satellites utilized as a part of satellite communications are more often than not in the geostationary circle. Some of them are set in very circular circles.

Satellite communications can give worldwide accessibility. It can arrive masses as well as sea zones also. Substantial separations would thus be able to be secured calm effectively.

One of the principal points of interest gave by satellite correspondence is the unrivaled dependability not at all like different types of correspondence. It doesn’t require an earthbound framework for operation.

Satellite correspondence could give prevalent execution as consistency and speed are considerably more articulated than different types of correspondence.

Versatility is higher if there should be an occurrence of satellite communications.

Sending cost is higher than most types of communications if there should be an occurrence of satellite communications.

As it is less powerless than different types of correspondence, it is exceptionally utilized as a part of safeguard divisions.

Satellite communications likewise give climate data.

It can be useful amid times of debacles as the administrations once in a while come up short.

The high measure of information can be transmitted with the assistance of satellites.

Correspondence satellite contains a transponder, reception apparatus, correspondence payload, exchanging frameworks, summon, and control framework.

Important Books Related to Satellite Communications

Check out the Important Satellite Communications Reference books for Engineering Students. These books are also useful to most of the students who are prepared for Competitive Exams.


Satellite Communications Systems, Design Principles book by M. Richharia.

Satellite Communications book by D.C Agarwal.

Satellite Communication Systems Engineering by Henri Suyderhoud, Robert A. Nelson, Wilbur L. Pritchard.

Satellite Communication: Concepts and Applications by K.N. Raja Rao.

Satellite Communications Book by Dennis Roddy

Satellite Communications systems by Gerard Maral and Michel Bousquet.

These are the important books on Satellite Communications. The author’s of this book clearly explained about the Satellite Communications subject by using simple language.

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