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About Digital Electronics

Digital electronics manage the electronic manipulation of numbers, or with the manipulation of differing amounts by methods for numbers. Since it is helpful to do as such, the present digital frameworks manage the numbers ‘zero’ and ‘one’, since they can be spoken to effectively by ‘off and ‘on’ inside a circuit. This isn’t the impediment it may appear, for the binary arrangement of checking can be utilized to speak to any number that we can speak to with the typical denary (0 to 9) framework that we use in regular day to day existence.

Digital Electronics Important Reference Books

Digital Electronics book by S. Salivahanan and S. Pravin Kumar.

Digital Electronics book by D.A. Godse and A.P. Godse.

Digital Logic and Computer Design by M. Morris Mano.

Digital Circuits and Design by S. Salivahanan and S. Arivazhagan

Fundamentals of Digital Circuits by A. Anand Kumar

Modern Digital Electronics by R P Jain.

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