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Marketing Management Book PDF Free Download. Marketing Management is one of the famous  book for MBA Students. Here at AskVenkat we are providing MBA Links for Free. These Links are gathered from Internet sources. Askvenkat doesn’t have any rights about these links. This Marketing Management Book will useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams like MBA Entrance Exams. This PDF book will cover most of the syllabus of Marketing Management

Contents of Marketing Management

Below are the contents which you would see in Marketing Management Textbook especially made for MBA Students.


INTRODUCTION: Meaning and Scope of Marketing – Concepts in Marketing – Role and Functions of Marketing Department – Marketing Process – Interface with other functional areas of Business – Indian Marketing Environment


MARKETING TRENDS AND RESEARCH: Scanning the Marketing Environment – Marketing Intelligence and Information System – Demand Measurement and Forecasting – Data Warehousing and Data Mining.


MARKET SEGMENTATION: Definition – Need and Benefits of Segmentation – Bases for Market Segmentation of Consumer Goods – Industrial Goods and Services – Niche and Local Marketing – Evaluating & Selecting Target Markets – Positioning – Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition(USP).


CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior- Factors influencing buyer behavior- The Buying Decision Process – Stages in Buying Decision Process – Analyzing Business Markets and Business Buying Behavior- Business Markets Vs Consumer Markets – Business Buying Process – Factors Influencing Business Buying Process.


PRODUCT AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Product – Definition – Product Mix – Levels of Product – Product Life Cycle- Managing the Product in Product Life Cycle ( PLC ) – New Product Development – Testing & Commercialization.


PRICING STRATEGY: Meaning & Importance -The Pricing Objective – Factors Influencing the Pricing Decisions -Methods of Pricing and Managing the Price Changes.


PLACE: Importance and Functions of Distribution Channels – Introduction to Various Channels in Distribution- Whole selling – Retailing – Franchising – Direct Marketing – Designing Channels of Distribution – Impact of Technology and Internet on Distribution.


PROMOTION: Promotional Mix – Advertising – Sales Promotion – Publicity – Personal Selling and Direct Marketing – Developing and Managing Advertisement Programs and Managing Integrated Communications.

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Best Text Books for Marketing Management

  1. Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, 11th Edition, Pearson Education, 2003.
  2. Kurtz & Boone, Principles of Marketing, 12th Edition, Cengage Publications, 2010.

Best References Books For Marketing Management

  1. Philip Kotler, Marketing Management – Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control, Prentice Hall of India.
  2. Kotler and Koshy, Marketing Management – A South Asian Perspective, Pearson 2007.
  3. S A Sherlekar, Modern Marketing,
  4. Rajan Saxena, Marketing Management.


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