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Human Resource Planning Book PDF Free Download – MBA Books

Human Resource Planning Book PDF Free Download – MBA Books

Human Resource Planning Book PDF Free Download. Human Resource Planning was one of the important subject and also an important book for MBA Students. Here at AskVenkat we are providing MBA books Links for Free. These Links are gathered from Internet sources. Askvenkat doesn’t have any rights about these links. This Human Resource Planning Book will useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams like MBA Entrance Exams. This PDF book will cover most of the syllabus of Human Resource Planning Book.

Contents of Human Resource Planning Book

Below are the contents which you would see in Human Resource Planning Textbook especially made for MBA Students. Human Resource Planning Book Pdf Free Download.


INTRODUCTION: Macro and Micro Level Manpower Planning- – Objectives and Functions – Significance-Process-Factors Influencing.


SYSTEMS APPROACH TO HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING: Manpower Inventorying-Methods- Manpower Forecasting-Models and Techniques.


RECRUITMENT: Sources-Evaluation and Selection-Procedures-Techniques-Factors influencing Recruitment and Selection.


PLACEMENT: Induction-Training-Strategies for Orienting New Employees-Career Planning.


MANPOWER UTILIZATION: Indices and Techniques-Factors affecting Performance.


EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Transfer-Promotion-Job redesign-Job redesign Techniques-Job rotation- Job enrichment-Job enlargement.


LEARN STAFF POLICY: Downsizing-Retrenchment, Retirement, Redeployment, and Exit Strategy.


HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM: Human Resource Accounting-Human Resource Auditing-Human Resource Audit Report for Business Improvement.

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Important Text Books for Human Resource Management

  1. DK Bhattaacharya,Human Resource Planning, Excel,2008
  2. Udaiprakesh and T.V.Rao, Human Resource System, Oxford, 2009.
  3. H.Patters ,Manpower Planning and Development of Human Resources, JohnWiley,2009

Reference Books for Human Resource Management

  1. Garden, MeBeath, Organization and Manpower Planning, Business Books
  2. Srivarsava MP, Human Resource Planning. Institute of Royal Resources

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