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Strategic Management Process Book PDF Free Download – MBA Books

Strategic Management Book PDF Free Download – MBA Books

Strategic Management Process Book PDF Free Download. This Book was one of the important subject and also an important book for MBA Students. Here at AskVenkat we are providing MBA books Links for Free. These Links are gathered from Internet sources. Askvenkat doesn’t have any rights about these links. This Book will useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams like MBA Entrance Exams. This PDF book will cover most of the syllabus of the Book.

Contents of Strategic Management Book

Below are the contents which you would see in this Textbook especially made for MBA Students.


INTRODUCTION: Concepts in SM- Strategic Management as a process- Developing a strategic vision, Mission, Objectives , Policies-Factors that shape a company’s strategy-Concepts of Core Competence, Crafting a strategy for competitive advantage.


ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING: Industry and Competitive Analysis- Methods – Evaluating company resources and competitive capabilities-SWOT Analysis.


STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND CHOICE: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES: McKinsey 7’s Model – Porter’s Five Force Model, BCG Matrix, GE Model, TOWS Matrix. Market Life Cycle Model and Organizational Learning, and the Experience Curve.


STRATEGY FORMULATION: Formulation of strategy at corporate, business and functional levels, Types of strategies: Offensive Strategy, Defensive strategy, Vertical integration, horizontal Strategy; Tailoring strategy to fit specific industry and company situations.


STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION: Strategy and Structure , Strategy and Leadership , Strategies for competing in Global markets and internet economy- Resource Allocation as a vital part of strategy- Planning systems for implementation.


GROWTH STRATEGY: TURNAROUND STRATEGY: Strategies for Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers and Joint Ventures. DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY: Types of diversification Strategies-related, unrelated business, Vertical and horizontal diversifications, concentric and conglomerate diversifications.


STRATEGY EVALUATION AND CONTROL: Establishing strategic controls-Role of the strategist­ benchmarking to evaluate performance- strategic information systems-Guidelines for proper control- Strategic surveillance-strategic audit-strategy and Corporate Evaluation and feedback in the Indian and international context.


OTHER STRATEGIC ISSUES: Managing Technology and Innovation-Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Business Strategic issues for Non Profit organisations.




Important Text Books

  1. SubbaRao, Strategic Management, Himalaya, 2009
  2. S.P.Rao, Strategic Management- Text and Cases, Excel, 2008.

Reference books 

  • Thompson, Gamble, Jain,,Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Cases 14/e, TMH, 2009.
  • Fred R. David ,Strategic Management Concepts and Cases, 12/e, PHI, 2008.
  • Wheelen & Hunger,Concepts in SM and Business Policy, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Ireland , Hoskinsson , Hitt , SM, Cengage , 2009
  • Habergerg , Rieple ,Strategic Management- Theory and Application , oxford ,2008
  • Sukul Lomash , P.K. Mishra ,Business policy and strategic management , Vikas,2009

That’s it Friends, Above are the Important Units in Strategic Management Book. I think, I Covered most of the topics in this book. If you have any doubts comment below.


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