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Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics by Modi and Seth¬†textbook is one of the famous textbooks for engineering students. This book is mainly useful for Mechanical Engineering Students. HFM book is also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams. The author’s of this book clearly explained about this subject by using simple language.

Fluid mechanics is concerned with the behaviour of liquids and gases at rest and in motion. The proper understanding of mechanics of fluids is important in many branches of engineering: in biomechanics the flow of blood is of interest; ocean currents require a knowledge of fluid mechanics; chemical processing of plants requires a thorough knowledge of fluid mechanics; aeronautical engineers require knowledge flow of air over the aircraft to reduce drag and increase lift; mechanical engineers require knowledge of fluid propel1ies to design pumps, water turbines, gas turbines and rockets; civil engineers require fluid mechanics to study river currents and erosion; and environmentalists require knowledge of fluid properties for solving pollution problems of air and water to control flood, irrigation channels, etc.

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