Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles by Chih Wu Pdf Book Download

Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles by Chih Wu Pdf Book Download. This Book will useful to students who belongs to Mechanical Engineering Background. In Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles by Chih Wu the concepts and basic laws of thermodynamics are introduced. Engineering thermodynamics is a macroscopic science that deals with heat, work, properties, and their relationships. The first law of thermodynamics is the principle of energy conservation. The second law of thermodynamics indicates the direction of a process. English and SI unit systems are introduced. A system of fixed mass is called a closed system or control mass. A system of fixed volume with the mass flow is called an open system or control volume.

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Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles by Chih Wu book free download

The mass dependent properties of a system are called extensive properties and are usually denoted by upper-class letters. The mass independent properties of a system are called intensive properties and are usually denoted by lower class letters. Specific volume, pressure and temperature are the three most important thermodynamic properties because they are directly measurable. Properties can be measurable or non-measurable. A state is a system at equilibrium. A process is a change of state. A cycle is a process with identical initial and final states. The state of a simple compressible substance is completely specified by two independent intensive properties. Relationships among the properties are called equations of state. An intelligent computer software called CyclePad is introduced. The procedures to download the software and install it on one’s own PC are described.

Professor Kenneth Forbus of the computer science and education department at Northwestern University has developed ideal intelligent computer software for thermodynamic students called CyclePad*. CyclePad is a cognitive engineering software. It creates a virtual laboratory where students can efficiently learn the concepts of thermodynamics, and allows systems to be analysed and designed in a simulated, interactive computer aided design environment. The software guides students through a design process and is able to provide explanations for results and to coach students in improving designs. Like a professor or senior engineer, CyclePad knows the laws of thermodynamics and how to apply them. If the user makes an error in design, the program is able to remind the user of essential principles or design steps that may have been overlooked. If more help is needed, the program can provide a documented, case study that recounts how engineers have resolved similar problems in real life situations. CyclePad eliminates the tedium of learning to apply thermodynamics and relates what the user sees on the computer screen to the design of actual systems.

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