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Here we are providing Satellite Communications by D.C Agarwal Pdf Free Download. This book is mainly useful for Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering Students. The author D.C. Agarwal Clearly explained about this book by using simple language. This book will also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams like Gate, IES, etc.

About Satellite Communications book

Agarwal’s Satellite Communications is a far-reaching book for undergraduate electronics and telecommunication engineers. The book covers the most recent improvements in the subject, talking about phone transmission, TV and radio program appropriation, PC communications, ISDNs, sea route and military direction and control. It starts with the nuts and bolts of correspondence and clarifies how innovation has developed to use the most extreme advantages of satellites to transmit radio waves over the world. It covers both the simple and advanced methods, talking about how communications innovation used to be in the previous decades and how it is presently.

Table of Contents of Satellite Communications by Agarwal

Satellite Communications by D.C.Agarwal

This section will clearly explain about the Table of Contents of Satellite Communications book by D.C. Agarwal.

  • principles of satellite communication.
  • satellite orbit inclination.
  • communication satellite link design.
  • satellite analog communication.
  • digital signal transmission.
  • digital carrier systems & satellite links.
  • multiple access techniques.
  • demand assignment multiple access techniques.
  • spread spectrum techniques & code division multiple access.
  • random access techniques & packet satellite communication.
  • satellite Earth station.
  • communication satellite subsystems.
  • digital speech coding techniques.
  • echo-cancellation.
  • error control coding for digital satellite links.
  • satellite applications.
  • global, regional & National communication satellite systems.
  • digital satellite TV systems.
  • satellites & cable transmission systems.
  • VSAT satellite systems.
  • global positioning satellite systems.
  • Internet & satellite links.
  • satellites, digital telephony, e-mail, fax, video conferencing & mobile telephony and wireless Internet.
  • laser satellite communication.
  • satellite program of India: from insight to Chandrayaan.
  • satellites and launch vehicles.
  • special purpose satellites.
  • amateur radio satellites.
  • design problems.
  • glossary of satellite terms and Definitions

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