Name of the Book: Fundamentals of Analog Circuits

Name of the Author: Thomas L. Floyd, David M. Buchla 

Book Publisher: Pearson

Ebook Format: PDF

Language: English

About Fundamentals of Analog Circuits Book by L. Floyd, David M. Buchla

Fundamentals of Analog Circuits by L. Floyd, David M. Buchla Pdf Free Download presents an introduction to discrete linear devices and circuits, followed by comprehensive coverage of operational amplifiers and other linear integrated circuits. This new edition has been expanded and improved to include up-to-date coverage of these topics in a format containing a wealth of features to enhance the learning process. Fundamentals of Analog Circuits by L. Floyd, David M. Buchla.

The text opens with five chapters providing a fundamental discussion of basic concepts, diodes, transistors, and amplifiers. The following ten chapters focus on integrated circuit op-amps, active filters, oscillators, power supplies, special amplifiers, communications circuits, data conversion circuits, and measurement and control circuits. Extensive troubleshooting material and exercises appear throughout these chapters, and further practice and understanding can be achieved with the use of the CD-ROM described below. In addition, the following innovative features assist in making Fundamentals of Analog Circuits, Second Edition, the leading text in its area: Fundamentals of Analog Circuits by L. Floyd, David M. Buchla.

  • Current in a circuit is indicated by a polarized meter symbol that allows the user to apply the direction of preference.
  • Current meters show relative current magnitude in a circuit.
  • Emphasis is on analog integrated circuits, but good coverage of discrete circuits is also included.
  • Topics that are generally not found in other textbooks, such as RF amplifiers and transducers, are included.
  • System applications with Troubleshooting exercises incorporate realistic printed circuit boards, and a related full-color insert section is included.