Digital Fundamentals Book by Thomas L. Floyd

Here we are providing Digital Fundamentals Book by Thomas L. Floyd Free Download Pdf is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Electronics and Communications Engineering. This book will useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams. The book comprises chapters on digital concepts, logic gates, combinational logical analysis, shift registers, data storage, and data processing. In addition, the book consists of several illustrations, examples, exercises, and applications to understand the concepts better. This book is essential for engineers preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

Table of Contents

  • Digital Concepts.
  • Number Systems, Operations, and Codes.
  • Logic Gates.
  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification.
  • Combinational Logic Analysis.
  • Functions of Combinational Logic.
  • Latches, Flip-Flops, and Timers.
  • Counters.
  • Shift Registers.
  • Memory and Storage.
  • Programmable Logic and Software.
  • Introduction to Computers.
  • Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.
  • Integrated Circuit Technologies.

Appendix A: Data Sheets.

Appendix B: Error Detection and Correction Codes.

Appendix C: Conversions.

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