Switching and Finite Automata Theory by Zvi Kohavi & Niraj K. Jha

Here we are providing Switching and Finite Automata Theory book by Zvi Kohavi & Niraj K. Jha Pdf Free Download. This book is mainly useful for Undergraduate Students who are studying Electronics and Communication Engineering. The author Zvi Kohavi & Niraj K. Jha Clearly explained about this book by using simple language. Switching and Finite Automata Theory book is also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive exams like GATE, UPSC, IES and other Exams.

Understand the structure, behaviour, and limitations of logic machines with this thoroughly updated third edition. Many new topics are included, such as CMOS gates, logic synthesis, logic design for emerging nano technologies, digital system testing, and asynchronous circuit design, to bring students up-to-speed with modern developments. The intuitive examples and minimal formalism of the previous edition are retained, giving students a text that is logical and easy to follow, yet rigorous. Kohavi and Jha begin with the basics, and then cover combinational logic design and testing, before moving on to more advanced topics in finite-state machine design and testing. Theory is made easier to understand with 200 illustrative examples, and students can test their understanding with over 350 end-of-chapter review questions.

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