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About Signals and Systems by A. Rama Krishna Rao

Signals and Systems by A.Rama Krishna Rao Pdf Free Download
Book Name Signals and Systems
Author A. Rama Krishna Rao,

Shankar Prakriya

Format PDF
Publisher Mc Graw Hill Education
Category Engineering Books
Language English

Signals and systems is a foundation course to advanced courses on communication systems, signal processing etc and is predominantly taught to students of communication engineering in their junior undergraduate semesters. The book Signals and Systems has been written to impress upon the young reader, the concepts of classification, analysis and representation of signals and systems. The topical sequencing, pedagogical features and presentation of matter have been designed to etch the concepts in the minds of the student, to make their further progress in the field of communication, easy and affable.

Table of Contents of Signals and Systems

1. Signals Continuous time and Discrete time

2. Laplace and Z-Transforms

3. Fourier series of continuous-time signals

4. Continuous time Fourier transform

5. Fourier Representation of discrete time signals

6. Sampling and Reconstruction of Band limited Signals

7. Systems

8. Systems, Time and Frequency Domain Analysis

9. Convolution and Correlation, Continuous Time Signals

10. Discrete time convolutions and correlations

11. Hilbert Transform, Continuous and Discrete time

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