PIC microcontrollers are electronic
circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks. The
name PIC initially referred to “Peripheral Interface Controller”. Later
it has been changed to “Programmable Intelligent Computer”. The PIC
microcontrollers are mainly used by hobbyists and experimenters,
especially in the fields of electronics and robotics. The main features
of PIC microcontroller are wide availability, low cost, ease of
reprogramming with built-in EEPROM, an extensive collection of free
application notes, abundant development tools, and a great deal of
information available on the Internet. The PIC microcontrollers often
appear under the brand name PICmicro.

Read the post: PIC Microcontroller Architecture to get an idea about PIC.
Today, many engineering students are
showing lot of interest towards embedded systems projects in which
microcontrollers are used. Among all the microcontrollers, 8051 and PIC
are the 2 types of microcontroller which are playing important role due
to their features. So, here we have listed out some of the best projects
ideas based on PIC microcontroller which can be useful for engineering
students in completing their Graduation successfully.
If you are interested, you may check the
list of the following PIC microcontroller projects and write your
feedback, new ideas, suggestions and requests in our contact us page

1 PIC PWM Calculator
2 Library Management System Using PIC
3 Emergency Vehical Flasher Using PIC16F84
4 Automated Town Water Management System Using PIC
5 A Real Time Clock IC (DS1307) Using the PIC
6 A Temperature  Data Logger Using PIC EEPROM
7 Gas Sensor Using PIC16F84A
8 Prepaid Electricity Billing System
9 Making a Binary Clock Using a PIC Microcontroller.
10 Temperature Controller Using PIC Microcontroller
11 Humidity Controller using PIC microcontroller
12 Car parking monitoring system
13 Solar Energy Measurement System
14 A PIC Sonar (Ultrasonic) Range Finder Using a Seven Segment Display
15 3 LED Bike Light using PIC10F200
16 3-Switch Mini IR Remote Control
17 PIC Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System
18 LED Chaser Using PIC
19 Electronic Voting Machine
20 Telephone Operated Remote Control Using PIC16F84A Microcontroller