Microprocessors and Microcontrollers textbook free download by krishna kant

Microprocessors and microcontrollers textbook free download

Microprocessors and MicroControllers textbook by krishna kant free download. Microprocessors and MicroControllers subject is one of the important subjects for engineering students. ak ray I think this book will useful for most of the B tech Students without any question. Some of the other authors are Microprocessors and microControllers textbook by a.p.godse d.a.godse, Nagoor Kani, ak ray. These authors will definitely help us a lot to understand this subject.

microprocessors and microcontrollers textbook free download krishna kant

  • Microcomputer: The term microcomputer is, by and large, synonymous with PC, or a PC that relies on upon a microprocessor.
  • Microcomputers are intended to be utilized by people, whether as PCs, workstations or note pad PCs.
  • A microcomputer contains a CPU on a microchip (the microprocessor), a memory framework (ordinarily ROM and RAM), a transport framework and I/O ports, normally housed in a motherboard.
  • Microprocessor: A silicon chip that contains a CPU. In the realm of PCs, the terms microprocessor and CPU are utilized conversely.
  • A microprocessor (infrequently abridged µP) is an advanced electronic segment with scaled down transistors on a solitary semiconductor coordinated circuit (IC).
  • One or more microprocessors ordinarily serve as a focal handling unit (CPU) in a PC framework or handheld gadget.
  • Microprocessors made conceivable the coming of the microcomputer.
  • At the heart of every single PC and most working stations sits a microprocessor.
  • Microprocessors likewise control the rationale of every single computerized gadget, from clock radios to fuel-infusion frameworks for vehicles.
  • Three fundamental attributes separate microprocessors:
  1. Direction set: The arrangement of guidelines that the microprocessor can execute.
  2. Transmission capacity: The quantity of bits handled in a solitary guideline.
  3. Clock speed: Given in megahertz (MHz), the clock speed decides what number of directions every second the processor can execute


Microprocessors and microcontrollers textbook by Krishna Kant. Some of the other authors are Microprocessors and microControllers textbook by a.p.godse d.a.godse, Nagoor Kani, ak ray.

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