Download Foundations of Engineering Geology by Tony Waltham For Free in Pdf Format. This book is useful for Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Environmental Engineering Students. This book is also useful to most of the students who are preparing for Competitive Exams.

Description of Foundations of Engineering Geology

Areas in the book incorporate those given to the principle shake sorts, weathering, ground examination, shake mass quality, disappointments of old mines, subsidence on peats and dirt, sinkholes on limestone and chalk, water in avalanches, incline adjustment and understanding ground conditions. The parts of both common and man-incited procedures are evaluated, and this comprehension is created into a valuation for the geological environments possibly perilous to civil engineering and development ventures. For each style of troublesome ground, accessible strategies of site examination and remediation are explored and assessed.

Every point is displayed as a twofold page spread with a cautious blend of content and outlines, with arranged reference material on parameters, for example, bearing quality of soils and shakes. This new version has been completely refreshed and covers the whole range of subjects of enthusiasm for both understudies and specialists in the field of civil engineering.

Table of Contents of Foundations of Engineering Geology

Igneous Rocks
Surface Processes
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Geological Structures
Geological Maps
Map Interpretation
Boundary Hazards
Rocks of Britain
Rocks of the US
Weathering and Soils
Floodplains and Alluvium
Glacial Deposits
Climatic Variants
Coastal Processes
Ground Investigation
Desk Study
Ground Investigation Boreholes
Geophysical Surveys
Assessment of Difficult Ground
Rock Strength
Rock Mass Strength
Soil Strength
Ground Subsidence
Subsidence on Clays
Subsidence on Limestone
Subsidence Over Old Mines
Mining Subsidence
Slope Failure and Landslides
Water in Landslides
Soil Failures and Flowslides
Landslide Hazards
Slope Stabilization
Ground Conditions
Rock Excavation
Tunnels in Rock
Stone and Aggregate
Rock Mass Quality Q System
Abbreviations and Notation
Further Reading.


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