Civil Engineering Text books Free Download PDF

Civil Engineering Textbooks Free Download

Civil Engineering Textbooks Free Download. Are you eagerly waiting for Civil Engineering Books! Ok, Now Askvenkat Providing You Free Civil Engineering Textbooks. These books will useful to Jntu, Jntuh, Jntuk, JntuA, Andhra, Osmania Universities students also. These Textbooks are Mainly Provided in Pdf Format or in EBooks Format.


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These books will definitely useful to most of the students..

Books For Construction Management:

  • Construction Management In Practice Richard Fellows, David Langford, Robert Newcombe, Sydney Urry.
  • Cpm In Construction Management James J O’brien And Fredric L Plotnick
  • Project Management For Facility Constructions A Guide For Engineers And Architects Alberto De Marco.
  • Project Management In Construction By Dennis Lock.
  • Construction Project Management : Planning And Scheduling By Henry F.W. Naylor.
  • Total Construction Project Management By George J Ritz.
  • The Practice Of Construction Management By Barry Fryer.
  •  Project Management For Engineering And Construction By Garold D Oberlender.
  • Civil Engineering Project Management By Alan C Twort And J Gordon Rees.
  • Construction Project Management An Integrated Approach By Peter Fewings.
  • Project Management For Engineering And Construction By James A Bent And Albert Thumann.
  • Project Management Techniques In Planning And Controlling Construction Projects By Hira N Ahuja, S.P.Dozzi, S.M.Abourizk.
  • Project Management With Cpm, Pert, And Precedence Diagramming By Joseph J Moder, Cecil R Phillips, Edward W Davis.
  • Construction Process Planning And Management An Owners Guide To Successful Projects By Sidney M Levy.
  • Construction Planning, Equipment And Methods By Robert L Peurifoy, Clifford J Schexnayder And Aviad Shapira.
  • Project Planning And Control By B.C.Punmia And K.K.Khandelwal.

Books For Building Materials and Construction

  • Building materials by s.k.duggal.
  • Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methods by edward allen and joseph iano.
  • Fuilding construction : metric volume 1 by wr mckay.
  • Building construction handbook by roy chudley and roger greeno.
  • Building design and construction handbook by frederick s. merritt and jonathan t. ricketts.
  • Building materials and construction book with reference to b.c.rangawala, sushil kumar, b.p.bindra, a.kamala.

Civil Engineering Books For Strength Of Materials

  • Strength Of Materials And Structures By John Case, Lord Chilver, Carl T.F. Ross
  • Simplified Mechanics And Strength Of Materials By James E.Ambrose 
  • Strength Of Materials By N.M.Belyaev
  • Strength Of Materials By G.H.Ryder
  • Mechanics And Strength Of Materials By Vitor Dias Da Silva
  • Schaum’s Outline Of Theory And Problems Of Strength Of Materials By William A Nash 
  • Strength Of Materials : A New Unified Theory For The 21st Century By Surya Patnaik And Dale Hopkins (English)
  • Strength Of Materials By S.K.Mondal
  • Strength Of Materials By Ferdinand L Singer And Andrew Pytel
  • Strength Of Materials By Stephen Timoshenko Part I And Part Ii – Combined
  • A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials By Dr.R.K.Bansal
  • Mechanics Of Solids By S.S. Bhavikatti.

Surveying Books For Civil Engineering 

  • Engineering Surveying By W. Schofield And M. Breach (6th Edition).
  • Fundamentals Of Surveying By S.K. Roy.
  • Engineering Surveying By W. Schofield – Pdf (5th Edition).
  • Surveying – Problem Solving With Theory And Objective Type Questions By Dr A.M. Chandra.

Transport Engineering Books For Civil Department (CE)

  • Highway And Traffic Engineering In Developing Countries  By Bent Thagesen
  • Transport Planning And Traffic Engineering C A O’flaherty
  • Highway Engineering By Martin Rogers
  • Traffic And Highway Engineering By Nicholas J Garber And Lester A Hoel
  • Highway Engineering Handbook By Roger L Brockenbrough And Kenneth J Boedecker
  • Airport Engineering Planning, Design And Development Of 21st Century Airports Norman J Ashford, Saleh Mumayiz, Paul H Wright
  • Practical Railway Engineering By Clifford F Nonnett
  • Highway Capacity Manual By Transportation Research Board National Research Council
  • Pavement Analysis And Design By Yang H Huang.
  • Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes By Geoffrey Griffiths And Nick Thom.
  • Railway Engineering By Satish Chandra And M.M.Agarwal.

Design Of Steel Structures Books For Civil Engineering Students

  • Design Of Steel Structures By N Subramanian.
  • Practical Design Of Steel Structures By Karuna Moy Ghosh.
  • Steel Structures Practical Design Studies By Hasan K.Al. Nageim, T.J.Macginley.
  • The Behaviour Of Design Of Steel Structures By Trahair, Bradford, Nethercot, Gardner.
  • Plastic Analysis And Design Of Steel Structures By M Bill Wong.
  • Structural Steel Design By Jack C Mc.Cormac And Stephen F Csernak.
  • Schaum’s Outlines Of Structural Steel Design By Abraham J Rokach.
  • Design Of Steel Structures – Iit Madras Course Material.

Hydraulic Water Resource Engineering Books for Civil Engineering

  • Irrigation And Water Resources Engineering By G L Asawa
  • Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures By Santosh Kumar Garg
  • Hydrology In Practice By Elizabeth M Shaw
  • Irrigation Engineering By R N Reddy
  • Hydraulics Of Dams And River Structures By Dr. Farhad Yazdandoost And Dr. Jalal Attari
  • Applied Hydrology By Ven Te Chow, David R Maidment, Larry W Mays
  • Hydraulics Of Spillways And Energy Dissipators By R M Khatsuria
  • Hydrology For Water Management By Stephen A Thompson
  • Fundamentals Of Irrigation And On-Farm Water Management Volume – 1 By M H Ali
  • Practices Of Irrigation And On-Farm Water Management  Volume – 2 By M H Ali
  • Hydrology – A Science Of Nature By Andre Musy And Christophe Higy
  • Water Resources And Development By Clive Agnew And Philip Woodhouse
  • Handbook Of Hydrology By David R Maidment
  • Fundamentals Of Hydrology By Tim Davie
  • Water Resources And Water Management By Milan K Jermar
  • Irrigation Management Principles And Practices By Martin Burton
  • Water Resources Systems Planning And Management By S.K.Jain And V.K.Singh

These are the important books for Civil Engineering Students. These books will cover most of the topics in Engineering Subjects.

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