This Section of ASKVENKAT informs you regarding the collection, uses and disclosure of the personal information received from of the user of this site. generally uses your personal information and all your details in order to identify you and for improving our website in order to enhance it’s user friendliness. We strictly say that, by using our Site, you are agree to the collection and use of personal information in accordance with this policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

At certain time may ask you to register on our website and provide your personal identification details. Not all the time we ask the users to register. But in certain cases, such as, if you are downloading any file or if you are supposed to participate in any of the contest. We ask your personal information in order to identify you and to get in touch with you, if needed.


We may use your personal information in order to contact you if it is needed and also we may forward the newsletters and University and Non University updates by mailing, texting you. We may also forward all latest updates if your phone is WhatsApp Enabled.


Like most of the sites these days, uses Cookies to collect the individual information (not in all the cases). There is option in your browser where you can turn cookies request off. But by rejecting the cookies there are chances that you may not able to use all the features of our website.

We may set cookies in your browsers. Cookies are the small amount of data which can be used as unique identifier and help in the purpose of identification. These are the small amount of file which are sent to your internet browser for the site you’re using and these are stored in the hard drive of you system.

We use Google Adsense as third party ad network which serves ads on our websites which makes us revenue. Being third party ad network, they may also store some of your information, such as your IP Address in their log files in order to make the things work correctly and legally.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is last updated on 01/07/2016 and is currently in effect. We may change our privacy policy any time with immediate affect.