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Digital Electronics Salivahanan

Digital Electronics by S. Salivahanan & S. Pravin Kumar Free Download Pdf

Digital Electronics by S. Salivahanan & S. Pravin Kumar

Here we are providing Digital Electronics by S. Salivahanan and S. Pravin Kumar Pdf Free Download. The use of digital electronics is increasing in all disciplines of engineering. Digital Electronics has been specifically designed and written to meet the requirements of BE/BTech students. This book will help the students to deal with the basics of digital technology including the design aspects of circuits. Student-friendly, lucid and comprehensive, this book will be a perfect reference for engineering students of all courses in Electronics and Communication Information Technology, Computer Science, Applied Physics, Computer Software, MCA, and AIEE. It will also serve as a good reference for competitive examinations.

Table of Contents

Digital Electronics Salivahanan

Chapter 1: introduces the number system, binary arithmetic, and codes.

Chapter 2: deals with Boolean algebra, simplification using Boolean theorems, K-map method, and Quine-McCluskey method.

Chapter 3: logic gates and implementation of switching functions using basic and universal gates are discussed.

Chapters 4 and 5: give a brief description of combinational circuits like arithmetic and data processing.

Chapter 6: describes flip-flops and realization using flip-flops.

Chapter 7: discusses synchronous and asynchronous counters and the design of synchronous counters in detail.

Chapter 8: presents shift registers, shift counters and ring counters and their design.

Chapters 9 and 10: are devoted to the design of synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits, respectively.

Chapter 11: concentrates on memory devices, which includes ROM, RAM, PLA, PAL, and FPGA.

Chapter 12: deals with logic families like TTL and CMOS logic circuits.

Chapter 13: describes Hardware Description Language (HDL) for Digital Circuits.

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